Hydro-Pneumatic Fenders


Hydropneumatic Fenders are designed for vessels, such as submarines, that make contact with fenders below the waterline. Fenders are part-filled with water and ballasted to float vertically.
Performance can be tuned by changing the water-to-air ratio and initial pressure.

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Product Details:

The hydro-pneumatic fender is a special version developed for submarines. Because they can be filled with water or air, they have counterweights that allow them to stand upright against submerged hulls.

Designed to be mounted vertically, the hydro-pneumatic fender is best for use with submarines or vessels whose impact point is likely to be below the waterline, such as catamarans, semi-submersible platforms, and drilling RIGS, protecting submarines and other vessels in contact below the waterline.

In service, Wingo marine hydro-pneumatic fender performance can be “adjusted” by changing the initial pressure, water to air ratio, and ballast weight to match the hull curvature and sensitivity of the latest submarines.

Hydro-pneumatic fender can be installed on most wharf structures and come in a variety of sizes to suit a variety of applications and a variety of vessels.



  • The performance can be adjusted by changing the air-water ratio.
  • The required draft depth can be adjusted.
  • Low hull pressure, friendly for the submarine.
  • Self-regulation during tidal changes.
  • Low cost of installation and maintenance.
  •  Navy. | Submarines. | Some fast ferries. | Semi-submersible oil rigs.


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Why Choose Wingo Marine Products

Have passed ISO9001, ISO14001, OHSAS18001 certification; Weapon equipment quality management system GJB90001B-2009 certification; The drafter of Chinese standard HG/T5327-2018 for “Floating Rubber Fenders”.


More than 30 years manufacturing experience, 6 endineers, 70 skilled workers, 36000 square meters workshop.

Lab Support

Technology research and innovation of rubber & SPUA (Spray Polyurea Elastic) are from the key universities and national labs.

Project Design

Experienced engineers checked your requirements with salesa manager together. The professional design can be provided when you needed.

Quality Raw Material

High-quality rubber and high-quality HDG accessories are used. Make sure the fenders have a longer service life.

One Stop Service

Help purchase other marine products and ship them together. Free storage until shipment.

Quick Shipping

40 KMS away from the wharf, no need to lease a warehouse in advance. Many cooperative forwarders, choose the best shipping plan for you. Save your time and money.

Fast Certificate

Get the following third-party certificates quickly. CCS、DNV、GL、LR、ABS、BV、NK、KR, RS, etc. Many of them have offices in our city.

After Sales

Tools and instructions for routine repair are provided with the goods. Under warranty the damages caused by quality problems will be free replaced instead of maintenance.


Warranty is 12 months. Design life is 6-12 years. In case of quality issues during warranty, the supplier is responsible to repair or exchange. After-sales service will be executed in time.

Smooth and streamlined body, no cracks or bubbles or impurities or obvious dirt or other defects.

Usually we support T/T payment. If there are special needs, L/C can also be supported.  Other payment methods need further communication.

Of course. We often help our clients to purchase other items. Sometimes there is sapce in the container. It can save freight for you. 

Depends on the type and quantity of fenders. Our factory has been little affected by COVID-19. Most orders can be finished in one month.

We have a branch in Hong Kong.  They are also a great  team. You can get same good  service from them.

Inflation tools and repair kits are supplied with pneumatic fenders. If there is no high pressure air system, air compressor will be supplied.

No. All metal parts contacting with sea water such as flanges, bolts, pins etc adopt HDG steel. Zinc coating has good corrosion resistance and is cheaper.

Mill Inspection certification and Certification of Conformity will be provided at the delivery of the fenders. Third party’ certification such as CCS, BV, ABS are available at buyer’s request and cost.

(1) Pneumatic rubber fender adopts mixed natural rubber, with 60-64% rubber. (2) All metal parts contacting with sea water such as flanges, bolts, pins etc adopt HDG steel. (3) Inner layers is special air sealing layers. The outer rubber layer is UV-proof and anti-abrasion. Between them are rubber layers reinforced with cord net. The vulcanization time is 5 to 7 hours.

Yes, we can. We have long-term cooperation with the freight forwarder, can get a good freight quotation. Which can help top save your cost.

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