Details About Floating Barrier


The barrier is constructed of multiple floating buoys that are coupled together, allowing for a free 360-degree rotation.

The chain goes through the sphere, flanged to each other at the ends.

The buoys are linked to form a barrier of any length desired to suit your specific application needs. Anchor points are established at approximately 80 ft (about 25 meters) intervals.

Buoys are supplied with a smooth surface alternatively fitted with an array of spikes, custom-sized and shaped to suit the particular threat.

The smooth surface is fitted with spikes.

Adantages of Floating Barrier

a) Filled with EVA closed-cell foam, rendering the units virtually unsinkable even if perforated by physical damages by bullet holes or most other methods of puncturing.

b) Intruders don’t have the opportunity to gain a hand or foothold due to the revolving buoys and deadly spikes.

c) The 30-ton breaking strain barrier will restrict access to most insurgent watercraft.

d) Not only Spray Polyurea Elastic(SPUA) for surface protection, but also materials utilized have extended life span, and for corrosive seawater conditions stainless steel coatings and components are offered.

Quick set up by a small ship, very easy.

Knowledge about EVA Foam & Polyurea

a) EVA cell closed Foam advantages: good buffering, earthquake resistance, heat insulation, moisture resistance, chemical corrosion resistance, non-toxic, non-water absorption, strong and durable, low maintenance cost.

b) Spray Polyurea Elastic(SPUA) surface advantages: prevent ultraviolet light, waterproof and anticorrosive, wear-resistant to thorns, and resist parasitic Marine organisms. Color can be customized according to the Pantone color card.

Click this photo of the floating barrier, to find more details about it.

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