Floating Barriers: New Item for Maritime Security

marine buoys floating barrier

In response to the maritime security challenges that hamper many organizations, WINGO MARINE has designed and developed the Marine Floating Barrier.

Marine floating barrier chain is protecting the submarine base.

Comprised of multiple floating buoys that are interconnected allowing for free 360 rotation, each harrier solution can be extended to any length to counter any threat and fit, within your perimeter requirements.

Designed in consultation with seaports and military bases, the marine floating barrier has been developed as the world’s only rough-water high-security barrier, and the perimeter of choice for coastal interests across the world.

Marine floating barrier chain is protecting valuable coastal warehouses, refineries, etc.

By avoiding the use of nets and utilizing barriers that float on the surface of the water, the threat of entanglement to marine wildlife is also minimized.

Using marine floating barrier chain, to seal off the waterway to prevent intrusions.

Qingdao Wingo Marine Co., Ltd, as a top manufacturer of marine fenders and rubber airbags, produces this wonderful item.

Click this photo of the floating barrier, to find more details about it.

Welcome to visit our website http://wingomarine.com/products/ to find the marine equipment you need. Or send us an email qdsales@wingomarine.com to Tony for a quick quote.

Thank you.

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