EVA Foam Filled Fenders IMPA Code 232416

EVA foam filled fenders impa code 232416

The Marine Stores Guide is widely considered to be the world’s leading reference source in the marine industry for maritime purchasing and supply. The Guide provides a universal coding system to facilitate communication between crew, owner, and supplier, making the specification and supply of goods simple, quick, and effective. This aims to bridge the language barrier and offer worldwide shipping companies an easy way to order goods. This system has been used for over 40 years, growing from a small item list to a 50,000+ unique items list. It is the leading reference guide for maritime purchasing and supply. (From WIKIPEDIA. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/IMPA_coding)

Marine Stores Guide

You can refer to the parameters listed in the book to purchase. Also, you can visit our website (http://wingomarine.com/products/) to find the items you are interested in, or directly send us an email (qdsales@wingomarine.com) to tell us your requirements. Our engineers and sales managers will give you professional advice or quick quotes.

EVA foam-filled fenders impa code 232416

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